Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming Services


 Cat Bath and Brush 

We trim your cats nails, then give your cat a warm, fresh bath and massage with a premium cat shampoo that the groomer will match to your cats fur and skin type. After your cats bath, we will blow-dry and brush your cats coat through and finish off with a gentle deodoriser or coat conditioner. 

*From $65

Cat Hygiene Clip 

A cat hygiene clip includes trimming the nails, clipping and clearing the fur from your cats paw pads, clipping and clearing the sanitary areas. This service is ideal to add to a bath and blow dry (when your cat allows it). 

*From $35

Cat Lion Clip 

A lion clip is a short, smooth clip all over, leaving boots and a mane and a short tail with a whip at the end of the tail - giving your cat a ‘lion like’ appearance. Variations such as a full fluffy tail and a scissored, blended head can be requested during the consultation. A lion clip includes a bath and blow-dry (where your cat allows it). 

*From $135

Cat Comb Clip 

A comb clip can be used on longer coats (with no matting) to give a longer style clip or general all over tidy up. It also includes a nail trim, hygiene and sanitary areas clipped and a bath and blow-dry (when your cat allows it). 



Cat Deshedding Groom 

Our most popular cat grooming service is perfect for both short and long coated cats that like to leave their fur everywhere or ‘emit magical fibres of joy’. A deshed will remove excess, loose fur and undercoat that would otherwise end up all over your floors, furniture  and clothes. Your cats coat will look lighter, smoother, shinier and healthier without having a drastic change but rather by enhancing his best natural features. It also includes a nail trim and clipping/ clearing the hygiene/ sanitary areas as well as a bath and blow-dry.

*From $125
Cat Nail Trim  $20


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