Bath & Blow Dry

After a shampoo in warm fresh water with a gentle soap free shampoo we brush and blow dry your pet thoroughly and clean their ears. We finish off with a spritze of low irritant pet perfume and a treat while your pet waits on a plush bed playing with toys or watching one of our in house movies. Your pet may stay and play for up to an hour, after which day care fees will apply.

Small Dog (Under 10kg) From $25-$35*
Medium Dog (10-20kg) From $35-$45*
Large Dog (21-40kg) From $45-$55*
Giant Dogs (41kg+) From $55-$65*

*Price is dependent on the length and thickness of your pet's coat and does not include combing out all knots or de-matting. These services can be requested at an extra charge. Extra charges will apply for fleas, bad skin, matting or cheeky behaviour.

A quick version of the above (your pet will not be 100% dry). Great for those on the go, an inexpensive way to maintain your pet's coat between grooming or just as a treat. No bookings required, first in, first served. We’ll call you when your pet is ready. Our only requirement to be able to keep this popular special going is that you pick them up within 20 mins of our phone call to you. After 20 mins an extra fee will apply.


Extra Charges / Add ons to your Pets Bath / Blog Dry


Choose a shampoo from the list below that will cater to the specific needs of your pet.

Fidos Free Itch Pyrethrin Shampoo
Controls Fleas and Lice


Fidos Free Itch Concentrate Rinse
Controls Fleas and Lice


Fidos Pyrethrin Spray
Controls Fleas and Lice for up to 3 days


White and Bright Shampoo
Most suitable for white breeds, blonde and silver tones particularly those prone to tear stains and other similar stains.


Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo (by Dermcare)
An aid in soothing and cleansing itchy, dry skin, suitable for inflamed and irritated skin.


Malaseb Medicated Shampoo (by Dermcare)
An antibacterial, antifungal shampoo suitable for related dermatitis on skin.


Aloveen Oatmeal Intensive Conditioner
An aid in soothing and cleansing dry, itchy skin as well as detangling the coat. This can be used as a rinse out or leave-in conditioner.




If your dog comes in with fleas we will give them a Capstar treatment before their bath and a flea shampoo will be added at an extra cost.

Price depends on the size of your dog.
From $7.95*
On its own
Added to a bath

Must be added to the bath and blow dry. This entails brushing/ combing through the coat to detangle knots, (this will not include matts that have to be clipped out). Price is dependant on the condition of the coat and the time that is taken.
From $10.00
To help combat the war against tartar and bad breath, we brush your pet's teeth with Dentapet poultry flavoured toothpaste.
We gently express your dogs anal glands during the bath to bring comfort and relief to your pet. Signs that your dog needs this can be scooting on the ground, your dog looking at his rear end constantly or a fish odour coming from his rear end.
Must be added to the bath and blow dry. The fur from the corners of your pet’s eyes is clipped for a better visual look and to prevent eye infections. We also clip between their legs (around the whizzer area), their bottom and their paw pads. In addition to this, we clip their nails and pluck and clean their ears.
This is great when your pet’s body fur is in a good condition and at an ideal length so you don’t want to take any length off. Your pet is washed, then brushed and combed through the drying process. We do a hygiene clip on your pet but add to it shaping of the feet, tidying the face and trimming the tail.
Add $20.00



Matting fees are charged when the matting takes extra time to remove or cause the service to take longer. The fees are charged in $10.00 blocks and are dependant on the extra time needed.
From $10.00
Extra charges may be applied when something causes a delay in the usual amount of time needed to groom your pet or an extra person is required to help out. Fees may be added on if your pet requires extra bathing and shampooing due to extra dirty fur, de-matting, behaviour such as mouthing and biting or hyperactivity.
From $10.00
When your pet is finished his or her hydrobath or groom, we will give you a call and let you know. We allow an hour for you to pick your pet up without any extra charges. After an hour, we charge $20.00.
From $20.00



A full clip includes a hydro bath and shampoo with warm, fresh water, a blow dry and brush through. Ears are plucked and cleaned and nails trimmed. We then clip or scissor to style your pet. We finish off with a spritz of low irritant pet perfume and a treat while they wait on a plush bed and watch our in-house movie s for you to pick them up. Pets may stay and play free of charge for up to 1 hour.

Small Dog (Under 10kg) From $75*
Curly coated breeds (Under 10kg) From $85*
Medium Dog (10-20kg) From $85*
Curly coated breeds (10-19kg) From $95*
Large Dog (20-40kg) From $105*
Curly coated breeds (20-40kg) From $155*
Giant Dogs (41kg+) Priced upon assessment*

*Price is dependent on the length, thickness and the type of coat your dog has and price may vary depending on the style of clip. Please be aware that extra charges will apply for fleas, bad skin, matting, cheeky behaviour and hand scissoring.

* = From


BREED CLIPS (Guide Only)

West Highland Terrier From $85.00
Mini Schnauzer From $85.00
Scottish Terrier From $85.00
Cocker Spaniel From $95.00
Springer Spaniel From $105.00
Irish Setter From $105.00
Bichon Frise From $85.00
Toy Poodle From $85.00
Mini Poodle From $95.00
Standard Poodle From $115.00
Bedlington Terrier From $95.00
Airedale Terrier From $105.00
Lagotto From $95.00
Border Collie From $95.00
Rough Coat Collie From $105.00
Portuguese Water Dog From $115.00
Chow Chow From $125.00
Samoyed From $115.00
Bernese Mountain Dog From $125.00
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