Pamper & Play

Does your dog love a good pampering and brushing session as well as playing with other dogs, have energy for days, or just loves being around people?

Some of us have friendly, active dogs, but just don’t have as much time as we would like to devote to their grooming, exercise and social regime. Even when we do, it's rare they were able to get enough. 

Dogs need engagement, companionship, and exercise. Lack of physical and mental stimulation (boredom) can lead to dogs to exhibit destructive behaviour. Chewing, digging, biting and barking are generally at the top the list, but anxiety, anti-social behaviour, health and weight issues are also possible indications that your dog isn't getting enough time playing with other dogs!

At The Pet Pad, we offer Pamper and Play, a professional service where you leave your special pet with us for and they are not only first treated to any grooming services you select, but they are also then provided with stimulation, exercise, and socialisation - not to mention extra cuddles and attention from our trained staff!

Your pet’s first day will be used as a personality and behaviour assessment day. Generally, dogs are a social species and love interaction and stimulation with other dogs, but as many of us know this is not always the case. We take the time to assess their behaviour and interactions with other dogs to make sure that our day care is the right place for them, and what their individual needs are to determine where in our facility they will thrive.

We've found in some cases, the time spent in our facility can turn a once anxious, timid or anti-social dog can in to a more confident, outgoing and social pooch, but the reverse can be true without proper assessment of their personality and creation of a care plan. We take the time to assess your dog and decide where and with who they will get the most benefits out of their experience.

For the more timid or senior dogs, we have quieter areas that cater to those who perhaps just prefer a little extra human attention without the excitement of other animals nearby.

All animals in are care are supervised at all times.

In fact, our aim is to get to know your dog so well that we can tailor programs and games for him or her specifically, and encourage playtime with other matching canine personalities. Our staff are trained to have a keen eye and broad knowledge of dog behaviours, and adequate training skills to help prevent any incidents from occurring.

We provide a high standard of service for as well as attention to detail. We will always let you know if we have any concerns, no matter how big or small they may be.

Our Facility

Our Doggett Street, Newstead facility is air-conditioned, with veterinarian grade, non-slip flooring. We use veterinarian grade disinfectants and cleaning agents, including F10 - which is bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal.

We have strict cleaning policies and practices in place each day so you can be assured your pet is in a safe, clean and healthy environment. We provide fresh clean water and flea free beds for quiet time should they want some time out, a nap or maybe just to lounge around while taking in one of our many dog movies – yes, we actually have dog movies!

The experience

We understand that life sometimes gets in the way of managing the routines that dogs need, which is why when you bring your pet to The Pet Pad, each dog will receive a lovely brush through or moulting mitt massage, plus and a spritz of coat deodoriser as part of their Pamper and Play date with us.

We also check their nails, ears and other grooming needs, and can add these services on (at an extra cost) as needed.

When you pick up your fur kids after work, they will leaving feeling pampered, and hopefully a little tired!

All dogs must have a submitted doggy day care application form prior to their first ‘Pamper and Play’ session.

Price List

Full Day (anything over 5.5 hours) - $55 per day

Half Day (anything under 5.5 hours) - $45 per day

*Clients booked regularly for 3 days or more each week will receive a discounted rate at the end of each week



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